Corner Shop

Directed by
George Hamilton

Produced by
George Hamilton & Lucy Patrick Ward

Lucy Patrick Ward & George Hamilton

Owen Donovan

Edited by
Stephen Haren

Danny Anatol Yusef
Zoheir Ernest Ignatius
Julie Nicola Martin

"...a tense drama..."
- Sight & Sound

"Director George Hamilton has created a film profoundly in touch with human feelings and the pressures found in society ; a theme even more pertinent in the context of the current economic crunch."
- Film Industry Network

"... [Corner Shop] felt very real, very familiar, something which anyone could recognise from their daily life - it lacked the kind of artificiality you see in a lot of shorts. The casting was excellent and the performances were thoroughly believable..."
- Salon Des Refuses at the London Short Film Festival

WINNER 'BEST EUROPEAN DRAMATIC SHORT' European Independent Film Festival 2012
WINNER 'AUDIENCE AWARD - BEST SHORT FILM' London United Film Festival 2012
Official Selection Bermuda International Film Festival 2012
'Special Mention by Jury' Skepto International Film Festival 2013
Special Screening at the Salon Des Refuses curation, the London Short Film Festival

Zoheir (Ernest Ignatius; Living with the Infidels, I Can’t Think Straight) immigrated to the UK in the 70s and has run the local corner shop ever since: king of his own little kingdom. Danny (Anatol Yusef; Southcliffe, Boardwalk Empire, Last Orders, RSC) walks into Zoheir’s shop, tired and at the end of his tether. It’s late and all Danny wants to do is pick up some beer and cigarettes and go home to his family. 

Corner Shop explores the moment when tensions and frustrations unexpectedly erupt. Touching on elements of race and conflict, Corner Shop focuses on the often ignored, quiet, unsung reality of human compassion. Corner Shop is a taut and emotional piece of drama that captures a snapshot of British life.

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Corner Shop currently remains on its festival run and therefore remains viewable by permission only.
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